Markets and Exhibitions

Hey everybody, I finally made a plan for 2023! :)

29th & 30th of July: Open studio and Local Ceramics Route

7th of August: Zeldzaammooi markt Leonse Maandag

18th, 19th & 20th of August: Middeleeuws Winschoten

27th of August: Zeldzaammooi markt Leeuwarden

9th of September: Kunstmarkt Parkvijversburg

16th & 17th of September: Elfia Arcen

28th & 29 of October: Magish Samhein 

24th of November: Big Shop RESTOCK

2th & 3th of December: Kerstmarkt Bourtange

9th & 10th of December: Archeon Midwinterfair